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Workshop to start LUBI

A workshop was organized September 30th in order to start a bioinformatics network at Lund University.

Notes from the bioinformatics network meeting 30th


Summary: The workshop to start a bioinformatics network at Lund University took place at Segerfalkssalen, the 30th of September 2020. It was organized by the department of Laboratory medicine and the coordinator for bioinformatics at the faculty of Medicine. In total, there were 13 speakers and an additional 83 persons registered as participants in the event (of which 23 attended live at Segerfalkssalen). At the event, around 40 persons joined the meeting via zoom, around 20 attended live at Segerfalkssalen, and 11 speakers were present (one speaker presented via a pre-recorded video).

Karin Engström wished everyone welcome and a number of invited participants presented summarized their platforms/faculty or research projects related to bioinformatics. All presentations are available here:

In the afternoon, we had a panel discussion. Attendees in the panel were: Karin Engström, Håkan Axelson, Dag Ahren, Mauno Vihinen, Fredik Levander, Deborah Oliveira/Suze Roostee, Kajsa Paulsson, Björn Nilsson, Shamit Soneji and Johan Staaf. The audience also gave a lot of input in the panel discussion. Below are some important issues that were discussed during the panel discussion. We also thank Nicole van der Burg for helping with the notes.

*Dissemination of information

We need for a LU centralised web page for bioinformatics. There is a webpage at Intramed, which we intend to extend and also make available for participants outside of the Faculty of Medicine. Here, we intend to have information regarding e.g. events related to bioinformatics as well as links to bioinformatics resources at LU and nationally. This can also link to a centralized communication channel such as SLACK/EMAIL LIST/ MICROSOFT TEAMS. We hope also to include presentations of groups/persons with bioinformatics competence and interest.

* Meeting points such as seminar series and journal clubs

We would like seminar series with a bioinformatics focus to be arranged. An idea is to do this in collaboration with RSG Sweden. Many people are also interested in journal clubs within specific subjects. One idea is to have information about what kinds of subjects and who is interested to join at the website or a slack channel or similar. Workshops such as “bring your own bioinformatics problem” are also wanted.

*Career paths for bioinformaticians

Many bioinformaticians feel servitude in academia and so they move to industry. We need clearer career paths in academia to attract and keep talented bioinformaticians.


* Teaching opportunities

Many persons are looking for teaching opportunities in bioinformatics, but there are currently few opportunities. The masters programme in Bioinformatics are currently being modified and there may be opportunities.

*Next meeting. We want to have more meetings like this one. We suggest one meeting in the spring.