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LUBI seminar series

LUBI is organizing a seminar series, focusing on bioinformatics methods.

Seminars for spring 2023:

*7th of March (13.00), Segerfalkssalen and zoom. Petter Storm, Developmental and Regenerative Neurobiology. “Molecular barcodes and single cell genomics for lineage analysis ”. Register here.

*9th of May (10 am), Belfragesalen and zoom.  Camila Consiglio, DDLS-fellow at Lund Stem Cell Center. “Deciphering sex differences in human immunity using systems immunology”. Register here.

**30th of May (10am), Segerfalkssalen and zoom. Prasoon Agarwal, NBIS. "Integrative analysis of the metabolome and epigenome of T2D children". Register here



Previous seminars:

Autumn 2022

26th of October (10 am), Segerfalkssalen and zoom. Yogita Sharma “Single cell RNA sequencing: Beyond gene expression”. Register here

14th of November (13.30). Segerfalkssalen and zoom. Louella Vasquez, NBIS  “Discovering molecular mechanism underlying genetic etiology of human disease”. Register here

30th of November (10 am), Zoom. Eran Elhaik  In search of Viking origins: tackling the big WHEN and WHERE questions. Register here

Spring 2022

March 31th, 13-14. Belfragesalen and zoom. Shamit Soneji "Virtual reality for the visualisation of high-throughput omics data"


April 27th, 13-14. Jessica Lindvall, NBIS/ELIXIR. "Elixir – resources and training opportunities in bioinformatics". Zoom only.


May 18th, 13-14. Segerfalkssalen and zoom. Parashar Dhapola. “Scalable analysis and integration of single-cell genomic modalities”


Autumn 2021

 October 6th          10-11     Lokeshwaran Manoharan: “Workflows and reproducible research” , Segerfalkssalen, BMC and zoom.

October 27th      13-14       Gemma Atkinson: “The Panacea domain: Bioinformatic discovery of a potentially universal antitoxin for microbial toxins”. Belfragesalen, BMC and zoom.

December 2nd    10-11    Nikolay Oskolkov: “Omics integration”, Segerfalkssalen, BMC and zoom.

Spring 2021:

The first seminar took place on March 3rd, at 13-14.Ulrich Pfisterer and Per Brattås from CTG talked about  “Bioinformatics aspects in scRNA-seq”.

The second seminar took place on April 13th, at 13-14. Sven Nelander, Uppsala Universitet, presented "Data-driven discovery of treatments for nervous system cancers".

The third seminar took place on May 17th, at 13-14. Zemin Ning, Sanger Institute, UK, presented "Applications of sequence alignment and genome assembly".